2016 Submissions

Bubble on a stream Solo Instrument Song
The Fault in our Stars Solo Instrument Song
Paradox Crossroads Miscellaneous Song
Moments Solo Instrument Song
Space Sonata Fusion Song
The Simple Truth Solo Instrument Song
Saxy Night Jazz Song
Sea of Serenity (ft. Emily) Miscellaneous Loop
Sanctuary (ft. Emily) Miscellaneous Song
Viking Pirates of Middle Earth Cinematic Song

2014 Submissions

Reawakening Cinematic Song
Metal Birds Video Game Loop
Aventura! Cinematic Song
The Fall Solo Instrument Song
Tribal Tribulation Miscellaneous Song
Short Interlude Miscellaneous Song
Casino Night Miscellaneous Song
Legasey (Original Remix) Miscellaneous Song
Sea of Serenity Miscellaneous Loop
Legio X Equestris Cinematic Song
A little too late Solo Instrument Song
Phantasmagorical Odyssey Video Game Song
Legacy ver2 Miscellaneous Song
Cavern of Void Miscellaneous Loop

2012 Submissions

Dreamscape of Nightmares Video Game Song